Mission Statement:

The purpose of St. Vincent de Paul Pro-Life Homeless Inc. is to serve as an advocate for the homeless, increase public awareness of homelessness and its social impact, and develop strategies that effectively, efficiently and comprehensively address the needs of the homeless.

What we do:

Pro-Life Homeless began its operations in November 2003 with a small group of dedicated volunteers led by Jan Pukianiec and by the organization’s current president, Marian Meller. Additionally,the work done by the courageous Pastor of the United Methodist Church, Reverend Krzystof Steiner, and his wife, Malgorzata, was instrumental in continuing our work.

Pro-Life Homeless is dedicated to helping New York’s homeless survive the frigid winter weather. Each year, more members come our way as they recognize the need and responsibility to help our brothers and sisters survive the rough winter. While our Out of the Cold program focuses on the Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighborhoods of Brooklyn, we are by no means limited to these areas.

When needed, we have expanded the program to other boroughs to help those in need. By working with several other outreach programs in the area, we hope to set an example that will promote more community activity to help those in need. Those who have received our help often come back to help others reclaim their lives. We try to provide guidance to anyone who wants or needs it – whether you are disabled, an expectant mother, have lost everything, or just feel lost. If we cannot provide the necessary help you require, we will point you to others who may be more suitable to address your particular need.

With your assistance, whether in the form of time, finances, or donations, such as clothing, we know that together we can positively impact the lives of others who are struggling in today’s world. If you know of anyone who can benefit from our services, please do not hesitate to tell them about us. Join us today to rekindle the hope of those who have none.

Together we can make a difference in our community.